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Stop Weather Damage

Make-Your-Own Portable
Boat Carport Shelter kits

Long Lasting Heavy Duty Covers

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Size Choices

Shelter Specifications



Price acc. to Fabric:
Good 6.8oz - 0.00
Better 10oz - 0.00
Best 18oz PVC - 0.00
(Green and White Only for 21oz PVC)




Sizes:10' to 30' wide * 7' to 12' sides * 11' to 20' at peak * any length.
See Prices & Details Below

Lifetime Frames of Steel & Long Lasting Covers

Weather-Shield Kits Includes
  • **Galvanized Steel 3 way and 4 way corner fittings and 'T' fittings
  • **Galvanized 'X' and 'T' Pipe clamps and fasteners
  • **Galvanized Corner brace hardware and end coupler
  • **Galvanized Anchor clamps.
  • **other special parts you will need.
  • **Custom Fit Cover Fits Your Size
  • **E-Z to follow step by step Illustrated Instructions
Kits do not include pipes. (A list of pipe sizes are included with kit.) These are easily obtained from Home Depot or a local Chain-link fencing supplier

The E-Z-Build DIY kit can be assembled on a Saturday or a couple evenings with two people.

Three Great Heavy Duty Covers

Frames of Steel
Lifetime, Galvanized Steel corner-fittings of 1-7/8" O.D. 16 gauge thick wall pipe.
The legs and roof rafters are 1-5/8" O.D. 16 gauge thick wall galvanized Cyclone chain-link fencing pipe made to withstand weather.(Pipe purchased seperately)

Four Anchor Systems insuring stability, strength and Wind Resistance
  • Concrete - You can anchor your shelter to concrete with bolted metal foot pads and concrete anchors or red heads.
  • Asphalt/pavement - You can use the EZ anchors or "T" posts driven through the pavement and U-bolted to the legs
  • Ground/gravel - Auger anchors, EZ anchors, metal "T" posts driven into the ground and U-bolted to the legs.

The E-Z-Build DIY kit can be assembled on a Saturday or a couple evenings with two people.