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Stop Weather Damage

All Weather-Shield Shelter Cover
Portable Carport

Save Hundred$ Make-Your-Own Kit

I will help you make your own All Weather-Shield Shelter
To cover Materials, Equipment, or Covered Work Space.

Size Choices

Shelter Specifications



Price acc. to Fabric:
Good 6 oz. Poly - 0.00
Better 10 oz. Vinyl - 0.00
Best 18 oz. Vinyl - 0.00
(Green and White Only for 21oz PVC)




Sizes: You choose the size you want. From 6' to 30' wide, 6' to 20' high and up to 100' long.

Frames of Steel
Weather-Shield Portable Carport Shelters include all the hardware you need.
Lifetime, Galvanized Steel corner-fittings of 1-7/8" O.D. 16 gauge thick wall pipe.
The legs and roof rafters are 1-5/8" O.D. 16 gauge thick wall galvanized Cyclone chain-link fencing pipe made to withstand weather.

Note:These kits do not include pipe or 'T' posts, easily obtained from Home Depot or a local Chain-link fencing supplier. You will be saving on kit costs and shipping cost.

We do include a list of pipe lengths and sizes you will need.

Heavy Duty Covers with Four Great Choices

  • Good - Heavy-duty polyethylene cover. 12 x 12 mesh, 6.8 oz./sq. yd., 15 mils, 4-layer, includes a 2 Years prorated warranty, Expectancy = 5+ yrs, choice Silver, Green, Tan, or White.
  • Better - Super heavy duty industrial PCV/Vinyl 10 oz. 14 MIL tough rugged tarp fabric is resistant to cold weather, fraying, tearing and waterproof. It also has built-in UV protection. Every 2' along all 4 edges and at corners. 5 year prorated warranty. Expectancy = 10+ years grey, green, white, black, red, blue.
  • Best - Commercial Super heavy-duty Industrial PCV/Vinyl 18oz, 20 MIL tough rugged tarp fabric is resistant to cold weather, fraying, tearing and waterproof with built-in UV protection. Heat-welded corners. Rust resistant brass grommets every 2' along all 4 edges and at corners. 10 year pro-rated warranty, expectancy = 20+ years, grey, green, white, black, red, blue, brown, tan, dark green, light green, orange, yellow.

Four Anchor Systems insuring stability, strength and Wind Resistance

  • Concrete - You can anchor your shelter to concrete with bolted metal foot pads and concrete anchors or red heads.
  • Asphalt/pavement - You can use the EZ anchors or "T" posts driven through the pavement and U-bolted to the legs
  • Ground/gravel - Auger anchors, EZ anchors, metal "T" posts driven into the ground and U-bolted to the legs.

The E-Z-Build DIY kit can be assembled on a Saturday or a couple evenings.

Weather-Shield Kits Includes
** Special All Steel corner fittings ** Pipe fasteners ** corner braces ** and other special parts you need.
** Each kit comes with a Custom cover cut to Your size. ** E-Z to follow step by step illustrated instructions

Portable Carport Parts & Tarp Kits

(small fee to Canada, Call Larry)

Height 7'-13' sides and 11'-20' at peak.
Sizes can be adjusted to any Length. Ask Larry