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DIY All Weather-Shield commercial-awning and Patio covers

$ave, Make Your Own Kit
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Portable shelter carport portable boat garage temporary portable garage

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portable RV carport shelter portable dry storage portable RV carport shelter portable RV carport shelter portable RV carport shelter portable RV carport shelter portable RV carport shelter portable RV carport shelter portable RV carport shelter
Sizes: You choose the size you want. To 12' wide, any length.

Frames of Steel
Weather-Shield Awning frames with our lifetime, Galvanized Steel corner-fittings which are made of 1-7/8" O.D. 16 gauge thick wall pipe. The legs and roof rafters are made with 1-5/8" O.D. 16 gauge thick wall galvanized pipe. This is the same pipe used in Cyclone chain-link fencing, so it is made to withstand weather. Note:DIY-kits do not include pipe.

We include a list of pipe lengths and sizes you will need. The pipe for the structure can be easily purchased in your location (Home Depot, Building supply store or a local Chain-link fencing supplier). You will be saving hundred$ and even more in shipping cost.

Heavy Duty Covers with three choices of commercial multi-layered rip-stop poly-fabric or an industrial quality PVC/Vinyl membrane covers
Good - Heavy-duty polyethylene cover. 12 x 12 mesh, 6.8 oz./sq. yd., 15 mils, 4-layer, commercial-grade, and includes a 2-year prorated warranty, Colors: choose Silver, White, Green, Red, Yellow, and Orange
Better - Commercial-grade Super Heavy Duty polyethylene cover. One of the best polytarps on the market with 14 X 14 mesh count, double thick thread, 50% thicker at 23 mils, corner-reinforced, solid brass grommets 18" apart, 11 oz./sq. yd., ultra violet 5% treated, 100% sun block, waterproof, mildew and rot resistant. Usually lasts 12-15 years and includes a 5-year prorated warranty. Navy grey, White, Black, Green.
Best - An industrial quality PCV/vinyl cover. 18 oz./sq. yd., 10 yr. prorated warranty, choice of grey, green, white. Black
Fire retardant available

Four Anchor Systems insuring stability, strength & Wind Resistance
Concrete - You can anchor your shelter to concrete with bolted metal foot pads with concrete anchors or red heads.
Asphalt /pavement - You can use the EZ anchors, Foot pads with lag bolts or spikes
Ground/gravel - Auger anchors, EZ anchors, metal "T" posts driven into the ground and U-bolted to the metal framework, Post hole concrete anchors.

E-Z DIY Weather-Shield Kit Includes E-Z to follow step by step illustrated instructions and all the special parts you need.

The E-Z-Build DIY kit can be assembled on a Saturday or a couple evenings. Each kit comes with a Custom cut cover.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Weather-Shield Awings are the best kits on the market. Truly, quality for less, you save on labor cost and shipping cost. We also carry parts, tarps and replacement tarps, and tough Weather-Shield covers.

Shipping - Any place in the continental US and Canada (small fee to Canada).

Sizes: up to 12' wide, any length
Heavy Duty, Super Heavy Duty, or Commercial PVC/Vinyl Covers
SizeHeavy DutySuper Heavy Duty PVC/Vinyl
8'W x 20'L $297$697$797
10'W x 20'L$397$797$897
10'W x 30'L$597$897$997
12'W x 40'L$697$1197$1397
12'W x 50'L$897$1497$1797
12'W x 60'L$997$1797$1997
12'W x 100'L$1597$2897$3397
  • Commercial Fire Retardant cover is available. Ask Larry
  • Heavy Duty Cover
    Choose Size Needed
    Super Heavy Duty Cover
    Choose Size Needed
    Commercial PVC/Vinyl Cover
    Choose Size Needed
    Build-Your-Own Kit
    Portable carport garage shelter
    Workshop Garage
    portable garage
    Barn Roof 12'wide
    Round Roof

    Peak Roof 15'wide
    Peak Roof 18'wide
    Peak Roof 22'wide
    Peak Roof 26'wide
    Peak Roof 30'wide
    10' wide Canopies
    Canopy carport garage
    12' wide Canopies
    Canopy carport garage
    18' wide Canopies
    2 car Canopy carport garage
    24' wide Canopies
    3 car Canopy carport garage
    30' wide Canopies
    3 car Canopy carport garage
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